Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Channel, Archangel Michael, 1-18-12

For the tribunal* speaks of nothing, if it does not speak of truth, and truth, as far as the tribunal is concerned, is an array of truths, offered by the opponents of justice, who are seeking justice as opponents**, and who are at the core, "opponents". So by definition, the array of truths is a deck of cards, and you are dealt a different hand each day, month, year, and so on. Justice is a game, and it is the central game, by which other games are arranged in tiers outside its jurisdiction, and if you get far enough away from the court room, you see a different game entirely, a game played outside laws, and there is a tribunal for this too.

Put simply, you have a court room, judges, lawyers, jurors, bail bonds, pawn shops, welfare, organized crime, and crime bosses. Each is a game played just outside the game played just outside the game until you end up at the opposite polarity. There are deaths at each end if the complaints are great enough, and you have in between, those suffering in whirlpools of lack, desperation, worry and grief. Within each polarity you have those with character who are respected at their game, and those who practice no ethics whatsoever, only they do win, because they play the game with no pride, only gluttony.

You humans have all played the game with both colors of playing pieces . . . black or white, it doesn't matter, it is strategy, odds, luck and nail biting.

Is it worth it? Are you tired of playing? Then stop. Please just stop. You needn't play these games, just come to a dull, heavy all-stop. Rest, regenerate, disconnect from these games which are not in play on this day or any after, as this is 2012. The war is over, and we are offering you this decree***.

We are even going to redefine judgment day as non-judgmental day. Christ Consciousness is about forgiveness OF YOURSELF FIRSTLY, then others. After you forgive yourself and stop playing, forgiveness of others is already done, a collateral result of FORGIVING YOURSELF. Forgive yourself from all the roles you've played a thousand lives before, forgive yourself now. Christ Consciousness is within you as your heart chakra, and it is here that healing starts, and as the center, there are collateral changes and actions in yourself and others that radiate from this and doesn't this sound better than the other scenario we just outlined?

Who is we? We are the Angelic Realm, I am Archangel Michael, and I bestow upon you winning odds, lucky lives, and cheerful not tearful moments alone. Cheerful not tearful games of expansion, co-creation and adaptation in this new age of golden light and Unification of all who are living, all who are non-physical, and all that Creation is. Blend into the fold of light as easily as rolling over in a giant bowl of marshmallows. Life is sweet, and you are fondly remembered, encouraged and anointed with the dew of the day, the rain of the summer, and the sweat of your labors.
Come, unite, and play a new game, in a new age, with high stakes, and you are on a roll.

Archangel Michael
via EVE Featherstone

Noun: A court of justice.
A seat or bench for a judge or judges.

Noun: Someone who competes against or fights another in a contest, game, or argument.
A person who disagrees with or resists a proposal or practice.

Noun: An official order issued by a legal authority.

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