Thursday, January 26, 2012

Channel, Pleiadian Council of Nine, Marcus, Healing, 1-26-12

Greetings, to you on Earth. I am Marcus, from the Pleiadian Council of Nine.

You all now, have the ability to heal yourself from within. This is done through simple means, however, you may need to do some ground work prior to fully applying yourself. If you do not feel or understand this, then you must first ask your heart what is not forgiven. Ask your heart what you have not forgiven yourself for, and ask your heart "who" you have not forgiven, it if is not yourself. Many of your heavy hearts are littered with images of people who you haven't forgiven, but usually, it all stems from your own feelings of shame, guilt, failure or hurt.

I, along with others from other Galaxy Class Healers, are present, and willing to assist you to heal yourself from the inside out. The other component, is to feed yourself only goodness. Real, live, whole foods. NO sugar or artificial sweeteners, no foods which contain chemicals to hold their shelf life, and preferably fruits and vegetables which grow near you or have never been refrigerated. These may be a tall order, but do the best you can. If you switch yourselves to what you call an alkaline diet, you will begin to sprout newness and life from within.

During this process, allow emotions, tears, rage, anxiety, poisons, chemicals and toxins to vent. This will happen literally in emotions, aches and pains, headaches, etc. Allow this process, stay the course on your diet, and revel in your new found ability to control your own health.

To heal properly in the emotional department, it will be necessary for you to become vulnerable, and real with your loved ones. Relate to your family and friends as if you were never going to see them again. This is no time to harbor unexpressed sentiments. This is a time to get it all out there, to radiate real and true feelings to whom you have feeling for. Don't be scared, as you literally have nothing to lose, except of course for pride and ego. Feel free to lose these as soon as possible.

If you do not fully understand what ego is, then notice when you feel the need to calculate, keep score, compare yourself with others, play the victim, feel you were treated unfairly, struggle to prove yourself to someone or to some entity. If you feel victimized by anything or anyone, you are acting and feeling in ego. If you feel you do or don't deserve something, then you are acting and feeling in ego. Ego is there when we succeed and fail. Make no mistake, it calculates, compares and judges in rapid succession every day, in every way.

If you feel ready, if you have clarified your existence to a simple and wonderful state, then feel free to intend to work with me, Marcus, of the Pleiadian Council of Nine, exhale all your worries and tensions, and prepare to heal from within. The flutter of chills, the pinch of inner pain, the relaxation of all muscles, the flooding of your nervous system with a mysterious wave of energy . . . these are the sensations you will feel, but even if you feel nothing, TRUST I am helping to ease the burden of your existence on the physical plane.

In the wealth of good health,
Pleiadian Council of Nine
via EVE Featherstone

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