Sunday, January 22, 2012

Channel, Pleiadian Council of Nine, Portal 22, 1-22-12

Undetermined outcomes and undefined plans, unified minds in the new age at hand. Fear not the outcomes which you cannot see, hold your connection to us as we see, the victories you'll seal over long and sad stories, point you more fervently* towards more hot same glories. We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and we couldn't resist playing EVE as a poetic instrument, as we know this is an option with her at all times. How joyful indeed!

Piercing your staid realities now are energies which focus your creative thoughts towards real actions of sublime purpose. These actions are in a set all their own, as it relates to your previous life. You are now in your next version. Welcome! We are pleased to greet you at this threshold of freedom, creativity and license to thrill. Surprise yourself as you surprise others, and look back on the days events as a delicious blend of creative, inspired, action.

These creative, inspired actions will come to you effortlessly and you will implement them effortlessly. Feel the pulse of the universe in you as you radiate high level consciousness. It doesn't matter how you've been known before. This is your authentic purpose, your authentic passion, and it remains unwritten anywhere else. You are the author of this new understanding, and you are the architect of this new foundation of interesting ideas and sharing a collective understanding with other souls who are on fire with passion and light.

Freedom from ego, freedom from judgment, freedom from critiques, freedom from caution and conventional wisdom. You are the wise ones. You are the directive force behind the gentle push of Christ Consciousness through all who are within arms reach now. Those who are not, have taken another vessel, taken another route, chosen a different destination. Authentic communication in a vulnerable way to loved ones will unlock new connection and understanding where there was only blocks before.

Enjoy this new paradigm shift. You have qualified, you have made it, your are on task and involved in the passionate wave of Universal shift and support.

Blessed are you, the true survivors in this game,

The Pleiadian Council of Nine
via Eve Featherstone

*fer·vent (fĂ»rvnt)
adj.1. Having or showing great emotion or zeal; ardent: fervent protests; a fervent admirer.
2. Extremely hot; glowing.
[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin fervns, fervent-, present participle of fervre, to boil; see bhreu- in Indo-European roots.]

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