Friday, January 20, 2012

Channel, The Predecessors, 1-20-2012

Predecessors to the Egyptian society were a people who would astound you. As humans you struggle, and you suffer for the most basic things, and the "Predecessors" were above these basic struggles for common necessities.

The Predecessors were highly spiritual, highly advanced beings. They were not all human, but they were unified. They did not compete and they did not have wars. They reveled in higher realms of thought and spirituality. They enjoyed free energy, and they enjoyed an abundance of technologies which made their lives very simple. Because they had the luxury of simple lives, they could devote much of their time to spiritual and intellectual creation. They could devote time to creating ways to be creative, and they could do this without limits.

The Predecessors had few limitations. Satisfied in their civilization, trusting in their spiritual teachers, the Predecessors felt no pressure to succeed or push for anything. Their time moved much differently than today's Earth time, and was indeed more malleable.

Hidden in times past, hidden in unison with the last cycle of massive Earth inhabitant's change, hidden in your planet, are remnants, technologies, and wisdom which is being brought together once again by your modern Light bearers. We assist your Light bearers in their "knowing" about these things as a matter of service to humanity now, and in the immediate future of your planet, and your chosen destinies.

You are now choosing your destinies, and to be clear, there are an infinite amount of possibilities, but only two major categories. The 2 categories are duality and unity. Duality will harbor competition, good and bad, male and female, as well as drama, wars, volatility on base levels. Unity will be varied, but in slighter, lighter ways. Unity will be sharing, caring and harmonious efforts to build, create, and enlighten. Unity will mean a return to the ways of the Predecessors.

Your moods, emotions, and old patterns of thinking will be harder to steer here for awhile. The techniques for consciously shifting out of old and into new will be easier and more effortless in the near future, but it will be like driving with a strong crosswind for awhile.

Please be easy on yourselves between cycles of purification, learning and rest. Your productive/creative cycles will be stronger than ever. Your comfortable means of passing the days will be shifting, and this will cause you to feel uneasy. Know these things are part of the process, don't hold anxiety, simply confer with your friends who are matching vibration, and your calibration of thoughts and feelings will solidify your sense of well being, learning, and belonging. Shift, shift, shift until you can communicate with those who can match your vibration, and shift, shift, shift away from those who cause resistance, lack of clarity, or drama in your life. You literally don't have TIME for this anymore.

Anything which is not enlightening, inspirational, motivating, clarifying, purifying, or selected specifically for your new version, is not acceptable anymore. Move through the rough changes caused by your social, economical, and practical adjustments or modifications, and do not dwell on the disruption of it. Be busy and confident in rearranging what's left to suit your needs. You won't need much, but you will be sure of what you now hold valuable and what you don't. You will be very selective.

Preparing you for deployment to your new realities, which may indeed be fictional realities. We are the Ascended Predecessors, joining all of you who were many lifetimes ago, Predecessors yourselves.

We are welcoming you back to your natural default of spirituality, effortless creation and boundless resources. The joy and relief attained will glow throughout the heavens. What a sight to see.

Ascended Predecessors,
via EVE Featherstone

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