Thursday, January 12, 2012

Poem, Unwitting Villains, 1-12-12

When do we get a break
what does it take?
Does circumstance have to threaten
our life soon to take
before those who claim to bear
witness to life
finally prioritize us as the one
finally visit us to reseal the bond
finally care for us
instead of to judge
finally see us for what we had lost
until we found sight of it after the dust
settled and light found us under the rug
hiding from goodness pretending to be
villains and outliers from the tall heap
of ignorant sheep who prayed to a god
only to reap what the evil one shod
onto our feet to keep us in step
ignoring enterprise and profits well kept
not given to those who ask or need
but given to those who plot and then steal
unwitting villains unwitting pawns
unwitting steps written direct to dawn
opening up the story to whom
might be better characters zoomed
into see what was at their core beneath
only seen in the last breaths of them sweet.

--EVE Featherstone

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