Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Channel, Anza, Reptoid Ascended Master, Orion, 2-1-12

If you are playing by the rules, then you are playing a role. Your authentic self is a freer being, who is only concerned with creative action which has nothing to do with rules, parameters, or other people's reaction. The authentic self also has nothing to do with reacting to others. The authentic self revels in similarities, synchronicity, patterns, design, learning and co-creating with others. The authentic self is at home and is nurtured by like minded souls, not others who look or dress like the physical self. The recognition is on a deeper, soul level, and felt in the heart.

If you are spending much of your time and energy on complying to rules, or complying to a set of beliefs and rules for which you don't believe, then you are working against your soul, and you will suffer accordingly. You will not feel good. You will have negative feelings, anxiety, dread, fear, and it will breed more worry.

Many of you spend a great deal of time and energy worrying about doing something wrong. Ask yourself why you feel this way? In your efforts to be accepted, loved and secure, are you doing/acting/saying things which are not you? If so, this will culminate in negative outcomes.

Please consider listing the events, people, and duties you succumb to because of duty, compliance or other people's beliefs. It would benefit you to end these activities and associations. The time to do this is now. Feel the freedom of unhooking from these systems, activities, associations, and become happier, more creative and open to replacements which match your beliefs, your passion, your needs.

For those of you entrenched in long term commitments, this may be hard, but you must stand up for yourself, honor yourself, honor your heart.

In your hearts we trust,
I am Anza, I am an ascended master from the Orion Constellation. I was formerly a Reptoid being, and I am a 7th density, non-physical being at this transmission.

Reptoid, Anza from Orion,
via Eve Featherstone

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