Sunday, February 12, 2012

Channel, The Elementals, 2-12-12

Single people, single influences, and single mindedness sound strong, but are soundly not savvy in the new cosmic vibe. Social networking is a versatile term, now to be used to describe intricate, magical, and effortlessly choreographed situations which overlap, undulate and circumvent previous stereotypical definitions and labels in a multiplying reality. The only way to orient yourself in this new reality will be to see simple patterns here and there, laid out just for you to navigate, entertain, and stabilize your direction and confidence.

We are the Elementals. You may know us as fairies, sprites, elves and the like, but we are sparkling little spirits, and you will not likely ever see us in 3D. We take everything lightly, and we are the eternal optimists. We will spray your intensiveness with gaiety, rain out your pity parades, and draw your attention to the Earthly delights you walk by every day.

Intend to know and feel us on your woodland walks, the patio gardens beside your outdoor restaurant seating, swinging from decorative lights, and of course using as our internet the mycelium of your fungi. You too would do well to utilize this wonder of creation for your own health, and respect its genius by honoring it rather than viewing it as the vile symptom of rot and decay.

Know that there are many parallel systems of similar communication and networking which do exist as functional parts of your lives, yet invisible and undetectable. You simply must believe that you are intricately connected to all that is, and we simply wanted to make our introduction here in this format tonight.

We are not childlike, we are not innocent, we are not naive, in fact we are very wise, only in a much quicker way than you're used to. We make split second decisions, move and change in a snap, and use everything that exists as a stepping stone in one way or another to quickly move forward, through, over and among all of you and your ever wondrous plant and mineral kingdoms.

Good day, keep it light, respect and connect to the unseen.

The Elementals,
via Eve Featherstone

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