Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Channel, Sirian Council of 8, Slowly and Carefully, 2-8-12

In due diligence you have lightly tread through your supposed course through life. Now, my friends, the game is changed, and your reality resembles a fun house. If you are feeling upset or in doubt, your suspicions are correct. Everything is different now. We have been saying this for some time, but it warrants repeating.

Spilling the contained and proper reservoirs of emotion isn't all that you are in for, you are in for surprise after surprise after surprise. Odds mean nothing now, and the old form of chance seems certain compared to the new kind of chance. Your dice are being re-calibrated for the New Earth, and good fortune is a common occurrence there. In the interim, however, you step carefully like a weakened mountain goat, and the heights once so easy are unsure, and the lows are lower than you're used to going.

We can only offer you the vision of yellow flowers in the valley on one fine morning. Which fine morning is the question. Hold steady, go slower, sleep more, eat carefully, and retreat more often into contemplation or better yet meditation. Contemplation in this arena isn't for the faint of heart.

Blatant loss and injury abound, yet there is still magic in the air. The spring flowers seem indifferent to the changes, and so tune in here, as this is the only steady ground you can find. The flowers, the birds, the rain and the sunshine. These are your medicine, your family, and your messengers now.

We are with you now, and across the bridge as well,
The Sirian Council of 8
via Eve Featherstone

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