Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dreaming Allegro, 2-26-12

In the deepest, most delicious sleep I entertain the idea of waking, but shun its harshness to continue within a belonging and peace which eludes waking life. In this solace, I cannot say what happened, I cannot say who was there, I cannot say why I wouldn't leave, but I can say it was unlike anything I've ever experienced. It was a midnight blue that I remember, and it was a linear movement I was happily caught in, and it undulated as a ribbon of highway, only it was a shapeless tube that my consciousness was part of, and it fed me information so complete and interesting, but I cannot recall any details. I don't believe there were details. I think it was only large unified concepts, melded together in this thick, creamy, swift stream of consciousness allegro.

In this dream, I rejected waking life's priorities, I rejected the timely response of real people, and I naturally resisted without fear the idea that one should awaken from this state which held me in astonishment, ultimate comfort and strength. I do remember feeling a completeness and strength that would embody an ideal companion, destination or a complete lifetime of achievement. Nothing I have thought of or experienced within the body of a human compares to this dream.

This dream was a gift which came to me with no fanfare, but with great insistence. I had no way to resist, even on a beautiful sunny Earth day, I preferred to surrender to this sleepy prelude of "what was needed now". An absolute knowing that this was the best medicine, the best nourishment, the best thing for my body, heart and mind. It was a connection like no other, a belonging like no other, a safety like no other. It was a gift, and I happily lay my head down once again to hope for even a part of what I experienced this afternoon.

--Eve Featherstone

(esp. as a direction) At a brisk tempo.
A passage or movement in an allegro tempo.

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