Friday, February 24, 2012

Increase Your Potency, 2-24-12

Pulling away, putting off, and purposefully ignoring that which distracts you from purpose is key now. The media, the TV, the political race, the celebrities are a waste of consciousness, and you would do well to focus on your immediate situation. Your talents, your beliefs, your actions, your organization, your family, your close relationships, your pets, your plants, your yard, your home. Give them all the gift of the un-watered-down YOU. Increase your potency, increase your light, increase your visions, increase your inspiration, increase your expansiveness, increase your integration into the lives and daily experiences of your loved ones. Take care of your surroundings, take care of yourself, take care of the immediate, NOW business at hand without distraction. Do not purposefully distract yourself to avoid the immediate situations at hand. This is said with the intention of waking you up gently, and with love to the day at hand.

--EVE Featherstone

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