Monday, February 20, 2012

Proceed at your leisure, 2-20-12

You are here to fine tune, blend, and gradually uplift even those who have not awakened. They need not comply with all of your beliefs, they need only witness in you that which doesn't judge, that which accepts, that which adapts, that which appears to be something different or better.

Answers to questions will be instantly available to you, and your unity consciousness will not partition out anyone, but their own resistance to you will do its own partitioning. If they don't feel resistance but instead are open and accepting of new ideas, you will be doing them a great service. Simply be as you are. Say that which comes through your third eye in dream state.

Allow yourself to remain in dream state, or lucid dreaming state, for in this frame of mind you can bear all, hear all, and yet be deaf to anything which would upset you. You are between worlds in this state, and indeed you are the bridge for others into the New Earth, the next ascension (there will be many) and you are a bridge into a lighter state of being.

You are already this bridge, and you can rest here, although ascensions will be coming to you in more frequent waves Share these with delight with your soul family and remain in gratitude and witness the beauty of Earth.

In meeting others, your authentic smile and heart felt glow to be experiencing something new will make its introduction before the physical you, and you will disarm any who would doubt or resist you. Relax in this knowing, and proceed at your leisure.

--Eve Featherstone

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