Friday, March 23, 2012

Channel, Chief White Cloud, Propensity Pollen, 3-23-12

For the purpose of training your mind and adjusting your emotions, I offer these thoughts. Repose need not be lengthy, on schedule or a duty. If your personal time markers are the outside rim of your clock, this rim will be sliding around the perimeter of the clock others follow each day without lasting pattern.

In other words, you are now living your own time schedule in large part separate from others in your dimension. This means, you are no longer fully in their dimension, your body is not responding to what others bodies are responding to, and you needn't feel out of control or unhealthy for allowing your body's natural preferences over what your mind perceives as appropriate or normal.

This is a significant departure from reality in a way, although you may have been expressing to others feeling this way already. This is a manifestation of slipping out of the pack and into a separate slip stream of time and space. You are ascending yes, but in tiny, multiple ascensions. This happens faster and faster as you maintain high vibration.

High vibration, remember, is your own personal preference of thought, emotion, atmosphere, friends, activities and following your natural curious excitement. I have often said your path is lit with strong interest. Follow any and all markers of strong excitement and strong interest. You will find some of them hold you longer, and others satisfy your curiosity rather quickly. You are like a honey bee, making honey out of your surroundings, and you will be very busy doing so. You are gathering the beautiful, sweet and interesting from the beautiful concepts, people and experiences which hold their fertile fuel high and available only for those of you who have attained this perspective and ability to glean joy and good ideas from everywhere. This "propensity pollen" will not be visible to all, just you, and you will share with those whose hive you help supply, organize and maintain. This honey will sustain and energize you and your allies.

Your particular hive will respond quickly and innately to the propensity pollen, and will acquire new talents, duties and natural abilities to further the whole group while furthering themselves. You, as a human acquiring more and more light, will connect to, hold and radiate health, wealth, and stealth. You will connect to, hold and radiate light, life, and laughter, which is the essence of being alive on Earth. Passion, presence and partnerships form, and illustrious, illuminating intelligence will pulse naturally and effortlessly to all matches of consciousness and intention to form hives of staggering complexity and expansive peace will permeate all of you as you exist, with no effort, in this society which is now partially removed from your former normal time/space existence, and runs at all levels slightly apart from and less attached to that which you have just pulled away from.

You and yours are a sliding ring of differentiation; observing, but not abiding by the rules, beliefs and motivation of others whom you have essentially left behind to live their own ideal realities.

You are the points of connection from high level consciousness to Earth, and you are the beacons, teachers and healers of the New Golden Age. Go forth with joy and strong interest, and go forth with the knowing that you cannot make mistakes, unless you fail to recognize, process and correct negative thoughts, emotions and the use of negative, useless belief systems.

Patiently holding light, responding and assisting you at this time,
Chief White Cloud
Primary Guide of
Eve Featherstone

Noun: Temporary rest from activity, excitement, or exertion, esp. sleep or the rest given by sleep.

Noun: An inclination or natural tendency to behave in a particular way

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