Friday, March 23, 2012

Channel, Pleiadian Council of Nine, Tuning Into More, 3-23-12

Hello dear one, we are the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and we extend our happiness in witness of your progression herein.

Recently we were joyful at your realization that color, vibration, sound, and their complex relationship are more than meets the eye or ear so to speak. They are in fact the ways in which we see our world, and you too will becoming enhanced in these abilities now and going forward.

You seem to have words for every feeling, situation, circumstance and action, but you do not have colors which in their own right would describe them to you visually with no words spoken. It is not so much one color saying very much about anything, but several colors together which are like a musical chord, if you want to think of it that way. Where the colors are will dictate how they appear, what "octave" in your range of perception, and their vibration indicates pitch or tone. This is an awkward way to describe it, but you see, it is difficult to explain that which is normally out of your dimension to you using words alone.

In seeking abundance, for example, if you knew the colors associated with abundance in our society, you could more specifically call it in with vibration by tuning your connection to those colors. For example, by learning to tune your call with words and a certain pitch, you can speak this sequence and your dog comes running. The postman won't appear, you won't win the lottery, but your dog will eagerly come rushing to your feet happy to get further instruction or praise. It is very specific, and you have honed this connection together with sound, pitch and sequence to produce the manifestation of your specific dog coming right to you from wherever they are WITHIN RANGE of this sequence.

Images emit vibration as you look at them with your eyes, it isn't just color. The shapes, patterns and hard-wired symbolism in what you look at effect you in ways you could scarcely comprehend if we didn't draw your attention to it. Now that we have drawn your intention to it, maybe the next time you add a piece of art or buy a piece of clothing, you will ask yourself how it makes you feel when you look at it, and how it makes you feel when it is on your body or on your wall, and in what direction it is facing. These all make subtle differences, and will make changes in all areas of your life eventually. If you try on an article of clothing that you liked, and when it is on you, it doesn't make you feel good, it is simply does not enhance your vibration. It is more suited for another person to wear, who if they had it on, you may respond more favorably to.

We seek not to overstate our case, but we wanted to provide you with a few examples so you can practice what you've learned, or practice your understanding of it, so that you can call in manifestations other than just your dogs. It takes some tuning, practise and a strong interest, but it will tune itself as you take a step in the direction of this truth.

Teaching you to see more, be more and free more,
The Pleiadian Council of Nine
via EVE Featherstone

Adverb: In this document or book.
In this matter; arising from this: "the statues are sensual and herein lies their interest".

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