Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Channel Pleidian Council of Nine, Color and the Law of Attraction, 3-28-12

We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine, transmitting through dear Eve, regarding color and its effect on what and whom you attract.

In reference to how you appear to us and to how you appear to others, we are attempting to explain a rather multidimensional phenomenon through only words, so we hope you will "feel" between the lines. The lines being vibration, and the resonance of color, and subconscious effects on the human brain, body and heart.

Color effects low vibration humans in very primal ways. Black is a defense color, and is used to hold a cool and inhuman shield in front of ones self. It is stylish in a 2 dimensional way, and it masks feeling, which is why it is useful at funerals or where one might like to appear in one way, when one actually one "is" quite another thing altogether.

We encourage you to pick not only your clothing in colors, but to accent your homes and work places with colors that vibrate emotional feelings to you. Some colors are very good vehicles or carriers of other colors. Wheat and grey are very good colors to carry other stronger colors, and they add stability either in a metallic or an earthy way, which can be helpful if you are looking to balance the energy of the elements within a room.

If you are a very outgoing, warm person, you may want to use brighter colors to express your true self and attract people who are more like you, rather than people who are confused by your lack of expression.

Expression is always what you're shooting for. Allow yourself to wear clothing which says more than just "passable" or "good taste". We remind you "good taste" is the enemy of art. We say this only partially in humor.

Wear colors which remind you of what you adore, and others who are in similar vibrational range will adore you. This is ideal, is it not? Always being in the company of those who make you feel comfortable?

You all surely want to belong, but surely you don't want to "belong" to a group of people who are just hiding behind colors that disappear, do you? We are not sure why this topic makes some of you uncomfortable, but we assure you, we are speaking the truth, and "just for the fun of it" allow yourself to try this. A little something different might just make all the difference on Earth.

Good day to you, and we express warmth and gratitude for allowing us to speak with you in this way.

The Pleiadian Council of Nine
via EVE Featherstone

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