Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Poem, Joy Loves Adventure, 3-28-12

Faster and faster and picking up speed
More fun and more fun and happy to lead
Feeling a tinge of a sadness fleeting
Thinking about loved ones left standing still bleeding
EVEn though they have had all the chances to share
EVEn though they have reason to care
EVEn though they have closed off to light
Substituting fast growth with blight

Its not like I'm jumping out of a plane
Its not like I've walked over coals with bare feet
Its not like I've bungee jumped off of a bridge
Its not like I haven't endured bad repeats

Why are men scared of the light and not dark?
Why do they limit the good then embark
Easily onto something that rots
Easily onto something that knots
Easily onto that which bears chains
Nothing will instigate willful refrain
From damage, heartache, disease and no gain

Love and light beating as tribal drum has
The heart has a rhythm that feels but not plans
Doing and feeling in harmony well
Purely soul seeking in joy it will dwell
Adventure and fear are not hand in hand
Joy loves adventure's unpredictable stand
Desire burns as it sees unexpected
Surprise is authentic and fuels more of the same
Ideas are born from the spirit untamed

Verb: Stop oneself from doing something.
Noun: A repeated line or number of lines in a poem or song, typically at the end of each verse.

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