Sunday, March 18, 2012

Poem, Deeper Than You Know, 3-18-12

Bring your tired body to us for respite
Simply go to bed dear and grant us time and trust
We will take you so deep you'll not know where you've been
We will take you so far you'll cease to know your name
We will push you into another place and time
We will take your third eye and send your body light

Earth is a dense place dear
Plus you've lots to do
Handling cosmic energies
Watching for all clues.

Earth is a dense place dear
And then you're making wine
From all the signs we show you
Concepts full of rhyme.

Using all your brain
Fusing All that Is
Bringing in these energies
A taxing physical quiz.

Create all you can dear
Don't worry about the time
Don't feel bad for sleeping
It doesn't cost a dime.

New sleep is another
Experience different now
Not like it was previously
Deeper than you know.

Transported for safety
Immobilized for same
Laying in a thickness
Difficult to clear.

Wake up, Wake up, dear one
We've finished with you here
Go back into denseness
Your creations await you there.

--EVE Featherstone

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