Sunday, March 18, 2012

Poem, One Who is Wise, 3-18-12

Leave behind worries
Leave behind fears
Leave behind checking
To see if you've cleared

Succumb to fascination
Succumb to your sleep
Succumb to your pleasures
Taste them they're sweet

Can't run from being
Alone on this Earth
Can't keep from thinking
You'll lose all your worth
Can't keep from wondering
If I could be cared for
Can't keep from wondering
If life can be shared more
Can't keep from tumbling
Through time with my trio
Unlikely maybe but
Safer than dream folk

Leave behind can't
Leave behind shouldn't
Leave behind won't
Leave behind wouldn't

Step into completion
Step into the new
Step into prevailing
Step into rescue

You are the hero
You are the prize
You are the only
One who is wise

Wise as your willing
Wise as you need
Wise as your shedding
Of all that just bleeds.

--EVE Featherstone

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