Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Poem, The Peace Card on Spring Equinox 2012, 3-20-12

The Peace Card played itself last night
I didn't see it coming
Part of my Tarot reading
Pretty but not summoning

Soon the meaning of the card
Was felt and noticed 'round
If I could explain it here
My new role would be crowned

The absence of all fears of loss
The gentleness of spring
The natural easy alignment
The option of large wings
The confidence the laughter
The astonishment was shared
With the only one on Earth
Who shared and witnessed there

Feeling willow perfect
Feeling whole and true
Being in a softness
Gifted with sky blue

Feeling ever wanted
Needs are easily met
Feeling ever good enough
No real need of breathe

No more natural wanting
No more seeking laud
No more facades facing
Dominion over guard.

--EVE Featherstone

Noun: Sovereignty; control: "man's attempt to establish dominion over nature".
The territory of a sovereign or government: "the Angevin dominions".

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