Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Poem, Full Frontal Confronting of Man, 3-20-12

Left so emotional and broken off spent
I see the true beauty in those who have went
Out of their way to express deep emotion
Out of their way to touch God with one potion
Vulnerability is the sure route
Straight to connection with others devout
Only to causes which don't involve greed
Only to causes efficient in deed

I am the luckiest to behold these
Beings who touch me through digital means
Right to the heart of the matter it lands
Right to the center of the Creator's hand
Leaving manipulators at the start
Ending 'round obstacles shunning the spotlight
Fixing injustices as if it were potluck

Bring what you have to express your own truths
Broadcast what you would have Earth to become of
Passionate, radiant, pillars you stand
Sexy charismatic facades to fool you
Into viewing the full frontal confronting of man.

--EVE Featherstone

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