Sunday, March 25, 2012

Poem, Destination Idolitry, 3-25-12

They trudged through invalidation
Steady through indoctrination
Easily minding their own agenda
Tempted not by pervasive media
Barely effected by fashion's ego
Deaf to calls of passion's credo
Occupied by duties managed
Steadily through rites of passage
Not for them but for their kids
Not for them but for a bid
At some unseen vague destination
Not picked up in my detection
Nothing strong enough for me
To stop my fiery jubilee
Until its reign over me dissolved
Leaving me in lack thereof
Not a place that I had encountered
Stubborn still and goal unseen
Not able to endear the team
Of secure but dull refrain
Of my sibling's long disdain
For my ostentatious ways
For my expressive notions sprayed
Hesitation to see why I
Fled the farmer's legacy
To destination idolatry.

--EVE Featherstone

Noun: A statement of the beliefs or aims that guide someone's actions: "he announced his credo in his first editorial".
A Christian creed in Latin.

Noun: A special anniversary of an event, esp. one celebrating twenty-five or fifty years of a reign or activity.

Noun: Worship of idols.
Extreme admiration, love, or reverence for something or someone: "idolatry of art".

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