Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Poem, Hollow and for Rent, 3-7-12

Judge not those who have used you
to serve their selfish means
pulling light around them
to hide what's up their sleeve

Judge not those whose whole spectrum
of emotions range has shrunk
it is a true birth defect
and intellect shall shunt

Circuits of ideal things of what to say and when
Holographic images of sentient values spent
Holographic images of sorrow they repent
Perfect sound and pretty, but hollow and for rent

Judge not those who are lazy
who prefer to be pulled on
who prefer to have the others
work for them 'til dawn

The dawn is an awakening
when the innocent become
cynical supicious wary and will elong*
moments when the others have tipped their hand yet won

--EVE Featherstone

v. t.1. To lengthen out; to prolong.
2.To put away; to separate; to keep off.

Shunt v.intr.
1. To move or turn aside.
2. Electricity To become diverted by means of a shunt. Used of a circuit.

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