Monday, March 26, 2012

Poem, The Tarot of Tempe, 3-26-12

The prince and princess of light and healing
Engaged in fiery creation feeling
Stumbled upon two serpents of truth
This time not dying but birthing their youth
This time not dying but inventing the path
Destined to guide humans like a flow graph

Drawn to Tempe to redeem promised jewels
Drawn to Tempe to be deeply in muse
The princess of light arrives with great joy
The prince of the best of victory claims
Supportive post as a god in the glade
Sitting on throne to disperse the new bidding

Showing the chosen in Tempe to come
Knowing the best of the best will be drawn
The prince is there to be crowned with his laurels
The princess is there to inject her immoral
Reckless and feral yet graceful facade
Inseminating herself with the venom of laud
New healing powers and next level ascended
The Tarot of Tempe, the real, not invented.

--EVE Featherstone

Note from Wikipedia: Pioneer Darrell Duppa is credited with suggesting Tempe's name, adopted in 1879, after comparing the Salt River valley near a 300-foot (91 m)-tall butte, to the Vale of Tempe near Mount Olympus in Greece.

In ancient times, (the Vale of Tempe was celebrated by Greek poets as a favorite haunt of Apollo and the Muses. On the right bank of the Pineios sat a temple to Apollo, near which the laurels used to crown the victorious in the Pythian Games were gathered.

Noun: An open space in a forest.

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