Saturday, April 14, 2012

Channel, Pleiadian Sirian Ra Trilogy, The Law of One, 4-14-2012

It is our greatest joy to address you together as a trilogy this night as One. You can see by your own guidance and path the focusing of the new energies on your planet, and for the sake of your clarity, we invite you to notice and take great comfort in your alliance with all of us and your pure intention to continue to drain negativity from typical Earthly "vices", and know that indeed these vices are now to be seen in the light and without darkness at all. You have seen through your guidance and path the ideal, pure of heart souls be attracted to you with seemingly impossible results. You had not imagined the kindness and direct benefits to be derived from between the expected and accepted in your current system. From out of the "dark" and "suspicious" come the honest and authentic. From out of the "dark" and "suspicious" come those who went against the odds and went against favor with bravery to serve others purely and who must do so silently and without laud due to peer review and judgment.

This is an example of the New Economy, and this is an example of the New Golden Age, and this is an example of The New Eden, where in fact those who could and are expected to be predatory, instead are great servants and these souls strive to raise the bar for what can be expected in business and community.

Judge not, become One with others, and see yourselves effortlessly combining forces with those who just yesterday were strangers, and who, through the electronic web of consciousness manifested you, and you were correct to allow, trust and accept their mode of operation to clearly define and assist your scope of service to others by assisting you to serve yourself without waste and without greed.

Hiding in plain sight, are the answers you all need now, and in the near future. Well done, and welcome to the New Golden Age of community and service.

In service to you at this new level, newly attained,
Trilogy of Oneness, the Pleiadian Sirian Ra collective consciousness

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