Sunday, April 15, 2012

Channel Ra, EVE is One, 4-15-12

The only way in which you now embody duality is in the way your words, concepts, and behaviors bemuse those in your pool of contacts. Those of us who are in contact with you from other dimensions derive many benefits and improvements from your bemusing contacts with others on Earth.

You are a song of the unknown, a song of Oneness, a song of the light, a song of the purified, a song of expertise, a song of authority, a song of awareness, a song of enchantment, a song of joy, and song spun and sung daily fresh from the oven of Kundalini refinement. You are a shower of clarity and newness, you are a shower of floral ecstasy and a taste of succulent hope in a dull dream. You are the sun rising in the East, you are the freshness of spring and you embody a peacefulness which cannot be experienced in any other way except through you, and once experienced, it becomes seeded and grows. You are seeding on many dimensions and you are co-creating with beings who are not physical and you are co-creating on Earth with only those who are less than mortal.

Your awareness will continue to be varied in endless ways each day, and change is your friend. Change is effortless, and you will be guided very carefully and escorted the entire way. You will cease to insist you are different from others, and indeed you will find great pleasure in being as One with all those you meet, who in turn, will find great pleasure in the Oneness they experience with you, and you will spin the threads, the fibers both seen and unseen into more and more unity and you will align more and more with your true immortality and you will align with the sun as a woman, and men will align with you as the moon in longing and completion as each day and circumstance cycles and renews.

You can and will be provided for now and forEVEr more, as you dance the patterns of the cosmos and enact mandates of the New Golden Age of Earth, in thought and deed as necessary and in unison with those of us who are now mobilizing to sweep the planet of negativity and transport the kind and transformed to new ideals and new balance through multiple and seamless ascensions.

Guide and comfort those in your care, and lead with silent strength with great magnetic and graceful semblance as unity to, through and as, EVE, and Eve is One, and so you shall be.

via I AM EVE

be·muse (b-myz)
tr.v. be·mused, be·mus·ing, be·mus·es
1. To cause to be bewildered; confuse. See Synonyms at daze.
2. To cause to be engrossed in thought.

en·act (n-kt)tr.v. en·act·ed, en·act·ing, en·acts
1. To make into law: Congress enacted a tax reform bill.
2. To act (something) out, as on a stage

Noun: The outward appearance or apparent form of something, esp. when the reality is different.
Resemblance; similarity.

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