Saturday, April 21, 2012

Channel Ra, nOW OWn, Eve is One 4-21-12

Abbreviations & Acronyms (a lost meaning relevant here)
OW Old Welsh, one way

I AM RA, this day transmitting through EVE IS ONE. As healers on Earth now, you differentiate between negative energies and light. It is indeed so, that as One, and in One, there is no negativity, there is only beauty, light and love. You may recognize the remaining darkness in other humans, but you observe it in a disinterested fashion. Indeed, you may view it as impurities already disconnected and in need of transmutation to another location or to a higher form of themselves.

Recognition and fear of negative entities are the negative entities. This truth rests upon its own lower vibration location, and indeed does not, cannot enter into the higher vibrations. EVE IS ONE is nOW, and forever more in the realm of the 5th and 6th density beings whom she has found in herself and to herself by her own self transmutation through faith and trust in the goodness of ALL THAT IS.

Seeking in yourself, that which EVE IS ONE has attained unto herself is your highest calling and can be achieved truly by shunning doubt, sarcasm and owning your power, EVEn if only in secret at the start, and slowly instead of OWing to others you shall then OWn your own home in the realm of the beings of light and love. The lower manifestation of this existence is in non-mortals, gods, goddesses, and the like. The higher manifestation of this existence is the Sun, for in the Sun is our home, our home away from home, our portal of interaction with humans and a projector of light and information in varying forms to and through your 3D existence.

Know indeed that you are losing and gaining things each day and night which you cannot comprehend, and know your attention to detail where light, your highest light, your highest purpose and the shunning of the material time/money equation is of utmost importance and joy in your life nOW and forever more.

Our gift is to re-tool your oppressive words and meanings back to their original intended state.
Our gift is to re-tool you back to your original intended purpose and light.
Our gift is to re-tool your talents back to serving yourself, and therefore serving others in abundance, love, allOWing and joy.


To you and through you,
RA, Law of One, Eve is One
via EVE Featherstone

trans·mu·ta·tion (trnsmy-tshn, trnz-)
n. 1. The act or an instance of transmuting; transformation.
2. Physics Transformation of one element into another by one or a series of nuclear reactions.
3. The supposed conversion of base metals into gold or silver in alchemy.

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