Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pleiadian Council of Nine, The Surface Tension of Freedom and Survival 4-11-12

Hello Dear One,

It is the Pleiadian Council of Nine, transmitting to Dear Eve, in preparation for change, adjustment and renewal. Be it weather, geology, cosmology or humans, cycles revolve, intersect and eventually exchange information with other cycles involving humans, and the other cyclical circumstances within which you live directly. Indirect cycles are what is wreaking havoc on your well being now, and we are here for simple reassurance, as well as to encourage you to open yourself to adventures, newness and change.

We hear Eve thinking about "Every Form of Shelter Has It's Price" -Eagles, and we invite you to imagine not having to sacrifice to have shelter, but rather have shelter provided for you for simply being a child of Gaia, your Earth. Further, you are a master of games in the cosmos, and you shall be provided for, if you only can unchain yourselves from the idea of rent, mortgage, being approved, and so forth. These are dehumanizing terms which you have been conditioned to enslave yourself to serving.

You can, with your own wits, instinct and joy, craft a living out of thin air, so to speak. You have readily available technology, and you need only acquire a passionate desire to be free. You are industrious creatures, and indeed are never better than when you are fully engaged in creating your own existence, freely, and without pressure. Remember when you used to spend the afternoon as children crafting what you call "forts"? What if your life was as joyous and your desire was this great, yet you had many more skills and pieces of knowledge to make this a full time living?

We invite you to stop giving all of your power away to others, hold your own sovereign place in life, and have the courage to slip out from underneath that which until recently you regarded as your security, safety, shelter and refuge.

Become one with others, go in between the obvious, and see what resides on the surface tension of freedom and survival . . . it could be you living the life you've always dreamed of, and to live a life of your dreams you need to be FREE.

In support and holding space for you,
The Pleiadian Council of Nine
via EVE Featherstone

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