Thursday, May 31, 2012

Extraterrestrials attend Del Mar Fair? Galactic Federation of Light, 5-31-12

Linking 3D to multidimensional networks has gone into warp drive today. The Del Mar Fair is donning an Out of This World theme this year, and in doing so, the fair board has expanded their attendance in ways they could not imagine.

In response to Eve's inquiry on universal attendance at the Del Mar Fair, we would refuse to comment if it weren't for our trust in Eve's perspective and scope.

Firstly, dimensions are infinite in number.
Secondly, extraterrestrials are infinite in variety and vibration level
Third, The Galactic Federation of Light wishes to officially attend

We are a diverse and expansive class of extraterrestrials, and as a cooperative organization of unity, light, understanding, compassion, and proponent of efficient implementation, we accept this opportuntity to connect to a wider audience more quickly than in previous strategies for this time and space.

The ability of light to melt away negativity in all dimensions is infinite, final and absolute. Negativity at this current juncture cannot go back to its previous m.o. after being contacted by the light of all that is.

If you intend to do so, when attending this fair, you may open yourself to energies from other dimensions which will purify, brighten and lighten your heart. The fair is the perfect venue for this intention to increase joy and play for all ages of humans. Drink in these new energies as eagerly as you sample new foods and curiosities. We are the new special exhibit, and we are no longer behind the veil, but extend our hearts to you, in Oneness.

Accept these energies, and your life will spiral into control, each experience highlighted with an extra spark of newness and awe. Your life will be new again, your experiences heightened, your awareness keen. Realign by jumping on the last band wagon, the source of all joy and light.

We, as beings who share with all humans, the heart of divinity and Oneness, look forward to playing in the jubilation with all of the organisms in attendance. For the fair is humans gathering to enjoy the best of the animals, plants, talents, tastes and thrills your little sector of Earth has yielded in the past year.

We, too, will be there to award those who are the pure, playful and loving stewards of Earth's creations, for you are the best of the best, the blue ribbon winners. Take pride, be open, and take from us what has been yours since before you were born. We award you with great affection and acceptance.

Pleased to meet many of you,
The Galactic Federation of Light
via EVE Featherstone

Noun: A feeling of great happiness and triumph.
Synonyms: exultation - jubilance - rejoicing - joy

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