Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Channel, Sirian Council of 8, Tighter, Closer, Clearer 5-30-12

Tighter and tighter are the circles which you wander. Closer and closer are the synchronicities you rejoiced over all this time, clearer and clearer are the decisions made among all the choices you are given each day.

These magical, choreographed slipstreams of circumstance and manifestation are so fast, so frequent and so deliciously surprising, yet you are paralyzed with awe and wonder. You transfer zip files of information between your friends and the updates are equally pulpy from all parties.

Your reactions are less at the frequency of these synchronistic lights along your path. This is natural, as they are becoming your norm. The drama, indecision and frustration of the past is gone, dear one. Any fears that momentarily confront you are weak and cannot stand up to this power of

Light, information and enlightenment. All you touch are improved, and now you extend your reach into new neighborhoods as street lights of security and benchmarks of change.

Together, in unison, with no effort, in great joy and play, will you heal, co-create and propel your divine abilities to full power. Enjoy your creations, and then watch as they grow into more intricate displays of precision, perfection, reflection, projection, and know you will be disconnecting individuals from that which they no longer need, and reconnecting them to the grid of healing and light from other dimensions.

This healing grid has been used by you for your sessions for some time now, but is now refined and expanded at the same time. Sit tight, smug and sure, as those appropriate for these changes filter in one by one, two by two, and so on . . . you are now a master of change, a master of patience, a master of knowing, a master of restoring, and you need not have a loud voice. Believe us when we say, your message, your light, your gifts, your dominion of this change has been attained. You are tuned up, tapped in and holding space.

In your brief rests, you will know with precision when the time is to act, and you will know the patterns you are weaving with instinct. You are immune to mistakes, and this knowing is all you've ever wanted.

Our best now and in future presents,
Sirian Council of 8
via Eve Featherstone

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