Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Sun Weighs In, Channel, 6th Density Beings of Light, 5-27-12

We are hearing the emanation and the longing for Light on your planet, and we are here, as we have always been here, as your sun gods and goddesses and the life giving radiance you take comfort in and depend on each day. We are 6th Density Beings of Light. We are completely light, and we live as one with your sun.

Your Sun is an unimaginably vast and beautiful entity. Its vastness cannot be comprehended by you. Those of us who are totally Light, and those who are plasma beings, are at home here. None of your measurements, either temperature, speed, distance or accepted laws of physics apply here. Your Sun is a funhouse of dynamic change, undulating plasma migration and currents of photons mimicking the Father of all lightening bolts and the synaptic behavior of your own human brain. It's randomness only seems orderly from a vast distance, and yet, it is also the Father of all Glory and Everlasting Creation, at least from your human perspective. So shall it be.

As much as your Sun is life giving and a reason for you to awaken each morning, it is literally worthy of worship. It seeks not worship, however, it only seeks openness. It seeks within each of you a willingness to open your heart to it in total. Do this by acknowledging your Sun, truly 'facing' it with you eyes closed, and really bask. Do this when it is gentle and comfortable, during whichever time of the day it seems most loving to you. It need not be a long period of time, for time is meaningless, just intention and openness.

The photons emitted have attained an unimaginable amount of information as they have traveled from the core of the sun outward over 100's of thousands of years of "plasma networking", which to you might appear as social networking or accumulating information from those along your path in life. Each photon encodes you with new information, and you can and will, through allowing, attain great benefits, naturally, and in the spirit of being cared for, warmed, and enLightened.

This can be more complex than you can imagine, or it can be as simple as honor and receive from your Sun as a ritual each day; accepting the life enriching qualities and care it offers without shortage and without end, every day of your lives.

Directly from and to you in Light,
6th Density Beings and Your Sun
via EVE Featherstone

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