Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Channel Pleiadian Council of Nine, Your Identity Theft, 5-9-12

If there is a quality we see more often in humans, it is the ability for humans to routinely bash themselves in silence, over and over again, for nonsensical things. You were not created to do this, you did not come from a place where this is done, and it does you no good to perpetuate this behavior.

You regret, and you do not trust yourselves. You don't trust your families, and they don't trust you. You simply must remove yourself from roles which are basically fictional. You may in fact need to stage a "coming out" party to your family, stating exactly what and who you are.
More accurately, it would be what and who you have finally become, after shedding all the rhetoric you grew up with and have heard from others or from your media.

Many of you have defined yourselves through careers and compared yourselves with fictional characters on television as well as "reality" television characters. Wake up to the game you are playing now. Wake up to the character you ARE now. Dismiss all the characters you tried on or experimented with, and refuse to be defined by them.

You may find during all of this, that you are the one defining yourselves in negative ways. You may find that after lengthy separation, you are indeed someone else to others you have known in childhood or who were around in your formative years.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Who or what do I feel like?
Who or what do I act like?
What is my purpose?
What is my highest excitement?
Could I stand to raise the bar on what I expect for myself?
Could I stand a remodel of my own identity within my own thoughts?

Do not allow others to steal the identity you feel.

You are all much more noble creatures than you allow yourself to imagine.
Find your mythical qualities. Become this less than mortal version of yourself, and care not what others say or think. Imagine them drifting away as your new shiny ship sets sail in luxury for the promised land (space ship, Country, lifestyle, beliefs).

We are here to enCOURAGE you as much as you will allow.

The Pleiadian Council of Nine
via Eve Featherstone

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