Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Channel Pleiadian, Pleiadian Eclipse, May 15, 2012

Clear, swift and celebratory is the new wave of consciousness shift which is heading your way, dear ones. This message will be known, recognized and owned by those who are ready for it. If it isn't a melodic reasonance for you, not to worry, you will use and benefit from it when the time is right for you.

For those who are ready now, welcome to the days preceding the Pleiadian Eclipse, May 20, 2012.

On this day, at specific times and locations globally, Christ Consciousness (in all its forms, levels and nuances) will take negative entities (in all their forms, levels and nuances) rather ceremoniously into the Light, to be transformed without judgment into the Light as well.

This will eliminate many ceremonies, beliefs and practices which many of you on the forefront of healing and spirituality have come to be comfortable with and use successfully for the benefit of all. This "new technology" will replace the old (for those who choose to embrace it) and will be much more automatic, simplifying affairs of spirituality and the advancement of humans, Earth, and the cosmos.

Those who do not embrace this, will continue as always, and there is a purpose unto this as well, for those who in good faith choose to "stay in service" this way. There is no judgment, but this first wave of Light workers will lead the way for eventual and complete transformation of Earth and its inhabitants as a now variable time span.

Light and love will grow from this new practice and spiritual reality, and it will basically "take over" everythig eventually.

Eve was led to a helpful metaphor relating to this today. It seems this can be compared to, at this date and time, buying a traditional espresso machine where one needs also to have a quality coffee grinder, and one enjoys the art of making espresso this way; or buying a new coffee machine which uses pods, which are new technology, resisted by some, but which deliver excellent tasting espresso. The new machines also eliminate the grinder, and take up less space and time on the counter and in your day. They are known as fully automatic, and they actually read the UPC code of each brand of pod presented to them, as they automatically do just the right thing to each pod.

With the new technology, those desiring espresso, may simply have the intention to enjoy some, and let the machine automatically perfect the process with very few steps, no mess, and not as much of the kitchen and countertop will be dedicated to this one process among many in kitchens and countertops worldwide.

We are playing Eve's game with this, and sharing her delight, as now she enjoys the fruit of an unexpected process presented to her today. She chose not to behave and act as she has before, but instead waited for the answer.

The key here is, both provide excellent espresso, but some resist the new, are suspicious of it, and so repeat their habits, comfortable where they are. Others embrace the efficiency and new technology, as they observe the whole market embrace it.

There is no judgment one way or another. It is a fork in the road, put here to separate those who challenge themselves to accept the new technologies being gently offered to you at this time.

We feel in general, that one cannot resist new technology forever, and sooner or later, new technology naturally evolves to be better for everyone concerned.

You leading edge healers and spiritual facilitators will be able to "automatically" eradicate negative energies and the like by simply breezing through a situation, without giving it a second thought. You will have no steps to go through, and you will not have to endure the negative effects of recognizing these energies exist. Your light will simply illuminate these negative energies, and therefore they will "automatically" become transformed into Light themselves. This will also become a welcome relief for your pets who sometimes assist you in these processes.

Welcome to this new age of new technologies, simpler goodness and the tangible changes now before you as Earth and her inhabitants move out of the dark ages into the Age of Light.

The Pleiadian Council of Nine
via EVE Featherstone

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