Friday, June 15, 2012

Channel Pleiadian Council of Nine, Harvested Cycles, 6-15-12

Within your very best efforts lie an unfathomable seed of purity and power. You aren't familiar yet with your powers, dear one, and we hesitate to remind you, that not long ago you were pushing against resistance, and now you have sailed rather effortlessly into a new reality. A new neighborhood, a new role, a new career, a new life, a new project, a new level of luxury, a new level of joy, a new level of companionship, a newly knitted family, especially for you and yours to support, satisfy, and inseminate your creative womb with fresh, vital, pure, bright direction and energy.

The purest thoughts, alignments and concepts are being born from you right now, and you would do best to shun all the harvested or crippled creations of your past. Let them go, let them finish their cycles, for indeed their cycles where you are concerned are finished, as you have sold the farm. You have moved to where the sun shines eternally and the waves refresh your nebula of creation each day without fail. Enjoy this creation, dear one, it may very well be the greatest single thing you've created while living on Earth in this lifetime. We are all very pleased and look forward to the surprises just around the corner. As soon as you are able to handle them, they will be delivered, so feather your nest simply, elegantly and effortlessly in preparation for your new version, application, direction and complimenting companions, all tailor made for each other.

This is a gift for you all. Accept with joy and let your new version begin, just as in your vision. Now it all makes sense, does it not?

We believe you are as endearing as those you find endearing, and we know this on levels you are unfamiliar with as of yet. It is all just a simple knowing, admiration and recognition. You will experience this with others, as we have experienced it with you. It is a spectacle to behold.

The Pleiadian Council of Nine
to Eve Featherstone

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