Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pleiadian Council of Nine, Grab it and Live, 6-5-12

Let your thoughts wander, let your interests vary, let your curiosity be your guide. Follow strong interest, follow excitement, follow anticipation, follow delicious clues to joy and pleasure. Feeding your mind, feeding your body, feeding your spirit with pleasure is necessary. Know this at once.

Do, think, and act on any and all creative, crafty, artistic projects that enter your mind. Really play at this, and don't make it about purchasing or finishing anything. Grab something and create. It is near you now. It is available now. Look around you now. Grab it and create. Grab it and express love. Grab it and feel its texture. Grab it and listen to it. Grab it and smell it. You see, it isn't a procedure, it isn't a skill, it isn't something you have to take a class on. Grab something and play, express, experience.

Pleasure, too, is key. Do not settle for repression, isolation, boredom or lack. Go and get that which is waiting for you now. Your internet makes all things possible. Make that first step. Get in there and experience your life. Get in there and interact with your loved ones. Don't allow them to be merely background noise as you worry. Stop what you're doing and experience the pleasure of that which you have created. Create more to experience pleasure with, in, or from .

The Universe is vibrating with interesting experiences tailor made for you. Do not assume you are different or totally unique. You share this dimension, you share your perception and existence. Compare and share. Find witnesses, or be a witness to others' experiences, feelings, skills, wisdom.

Your cosmic cheerleaders,
The Pleiadian Council of Nine
via Eve Featherstone

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