Sunday, July 29, 2012

Channel, Chief White Cloud, Tune Your Individual Harmonics, 7-29-12

You are all flowers, symphonies, ecosystems, multi-dimensional geometric beings of harmonic* nature. You are susceptable to being in balance or out of balance . . . and you are forever incomplete and adding to your composition. This sequence of tuning and adjustment continues forever . . . in and out of lifetimes, in and out of consciousness, in and out of time.

That which flattens or weakens the balance of your individual harmonic nature is man-made. That which strengthens, balances, completes or upgrades your harmonic nature is natural, cosmic, spiritual, derived from emptiness to build, perfect and beautify YOU, as an individual, unique radiant being of light. You pulsate multi-dimensionally as sound, light, and other imperceptable types of vibration. It is as a flower . . . or sound from a speaker . . . it radiates out in all directions all the time if balanced, but gets out of round if too much emphasis is placed on mental, financial, man-made focus.

Focus is not needed to "tune in to All that Is", but focus may be needed to detach from the man-made, material concerns. Once cleared from these, one can blossom into the emptiness that tunes in, re-calibrates, synchronizes and emulates the perfection of the balanced universe of light and love.

The Earth, as your own home planet, is your docking station for calibration at all times. Silence, emptiness, void is needed to perceive or allow the Earth to tune you up, but find a still place in nature which feels comfortable or natural for you. The ocean, pines, streams, birds, natural silence are common matching vibrations for various people at various cycles in their lives. Sometimes they change, and sometimes they are a constant.

If you are not happy, joyful, creative and free, you are not in tune with the planet or the universe. The control system, material concerns, duty and societal pressures weigh heavy on the immortal soul.

Those who are entrapped in the control system, sometimes known as the matrix, are quick to defend their place as a part of it, but this is a sign that you are of a different harmonic than those who defend that which warps natural harmonic existance. You are happiest playing with those who are naturally in harmony with you. Others will find more harmony with those more similar to their individual harmonic vibration.

Seek out variations in location, atmosphere, altitude, terrain, sound and avoid routine. Use your bodies. Use your senses. Use your instincts. Lose guilt, shame, duty and dull routines.

Seek the wide open spaces, the emptiness, the silent, the natural and tune yourself with the sounds, smells, adventure and sights of these.

Your guide on this particular adventure,
Chief White Cloud
Primary guide to Eve Featherstone

har·mon·ic* (här-mnk)
adj. 1. a. Of or relating to harmony.
b. Pleasing to the ear: harmonic orchestral effects.
c. Characterized by harmony: a harmonic liturgical chant.
2. Of or relating to harmonics.
3. Integrated in nature.
n.1. a. Any of a series of musical tones whose frequencies are integral multiples of the frequency of a fundamental tone.
b. A tone produced on a stringed instrument by lightly touching an open or stopped vibrating string at a given fraction of its length so that both segments vibrate. Also called overtone, partial, partial tone.
2. harmonics (used with a sing. verb) The theory or study of the physical properties and characteristics of musical sound.
3. Physics A wave whose frequency is a whole-number multiple of that of another.

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