Friday, July 27, 2012

Channel, The Nekkal Mystery Schools, via Eve is One 7-27-12

Pull in your awareness, pull it inside. Look out of your eyes as an observer with no emotion and no history. Do this as I say unto you the following truths of this time and space. You are a complex and precise alchemy of chemicals, intentions and abilities. You are capable of much more expression than you are permitted in your culture. You have become an expert in repression.

Your natural balances have been mutated over your lifetimes through behavioral modification, outside artificial stimulus aimed at selling material goods, and misinformed caretakers.

Your bodies are manifestations of the expression of your own personal cauldron* of natural instincts, natural needs to express, and interpretation of your immediate circstances. These three items can all be mutated by artifical means for outcomes which have little to do with your well being. Behavioral modification benefits parents, schools, the system, and the umbrella of manipulation shielding you all from the magic of your existance. When you look at your body and your mannerisms, how does it reflect the repression or expression of your own personal cauldron.

A few of your books and films offer escape from your dull neutral states, but you view them as "fiction". The way of life you are led to believe is best is "fiction". It is a life devoid of natural passion. It is a life devoid of spontaneous sexuality. It is a life devoid of giving and receiving praise, touch and the mirroring of admiration. It is a life devoid of naturally born inspiration allowed to flow into fruition.

The natural springs of lava and water are repressed within you. You pretend they do not exist, and when they do leak out, you hide it as a rare treasure, usually ashamed of the source which inspired it. You are forced to hide your true inspirations from one group of people or another in your spheres.

I offer you authenticity . . . simple and true.
1. Conceive/perceive
2. Act/express
3. Observe/adore
4. Radiate
5. Receive fully the echo of its impact on this thirsty world.

Allow your cauldrons to create the perfect formula or stew to best express the unique filter of existance that you are, so that the whole universe may benefit from your experience. If you remain in commercial/societal unconsciousness, your lives will be unfruitful and blighted. Let your cauldrons boil over with inspiration and expression.

The Egyptian Mystery Schools
via EVE Featherstone

Noun: 1.A large metal pot with a lid and handle, used for cooking over an open fire.
2.A situation characterized by instability and strong emotions.

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