Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Channel, Melchizedek, 7-18-12

I awakened at 3:33am and typed out these messages from Melchizedek. The first such channel of its kind to be typed out on my phone for one thing, but I typed it bedside. I typed as fast as I could type on my phone, and it seemed to make only partial sense at the time, but now I believe it to be very important. At the end, after the typing, the message was "sequence" "the sequence" over and over. Later, "the sequence has begun".

What is written is chiefly responsible for family problems and strife as it plagues humans with misfortune or gain, neither and both causing pain. Forsake gain here and there as the true abundance lies in the heart where solutions in the moment outweigh a plan by the mind.

Listen as you sleep each night for my name and awaken from your dreams to view the answers for your kind.


More important is your breathe. In your breathe is the depth of understanding your time and space more accurately than before. Breathe in without fear and acknowledge my frequent statements regarding health and your personal wellbeing. FOR NO GREATER changes have ever been than those upon you now, personally as you forget your upbringing and adopt the doctrines of the godlike parts of yourself as you step forward as us, with us, and we will guide you as you expand in procedural evolution in mind and heart.


Burn out your image of time and material abundance and you will be as the future is. Without gian and without pain of desire and wealth. You will be complete as a vessel of light and understanding for your kind in love with life and only that which isn't for gain.


The above Melchizedek channeled via EVE Featherstone

Melchizedek, described in many ways, is also described as a previous incarnation of Jesus.

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