Sunday, July 15, 2012

Poem, Who Clears Disgrace? 7-15-12

For every burden
For every pause
For every thought process
Too many laws
Too many breaches
Too many bras
Too many noises
Too many causes

For every transgression
For every bad mood
For every cross word uttered
Someone feels flawed
Someone feels guilty
Someone feels sad
Someone feels inept
Someone seeks salve

For every failure
Too many times
For every depression
Too many crimes

Who can succeed here?
Who can erase?
Who clears the burden?
Who clears disgrace?

Free all the hiccups
Your thought patterns have
From stopping and starting
To jerk and jerk back

Free up your actions
Free all your thoughts
Feel only innocent
Feel you were brought
Solely to gift
Others with grace
Solely to lift
Your happy free face

Any who fault you
Flee them at once
Any who taunt you
Are not who you want

--EVE Featherstone

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