Friday, July 20, 2012

Notes on Sexuality, 7-20-12

VICTORIAN THINKING: "We can't have sex because we don't know each other well enough"
MODERN THINKING: "We can't have sex....we know each other too well"

Sexuality isn't something that can be contained with any success in a sustainable manner. It cannot be contained by will, nor by contract. It cannot be contained by shame nor good intention. Even love cannot contain sexuality to those you love. Sexuality is a combination of your divine and earthly selves, sometimes more one than the other, but it is not a known alchemic science. It is desire for the expression of something that builds up in us or something that is ignited in us by surprise or nature. It's cause or catalyst isn't ever the same, it is changing along with an involuntary part of us we were not meant to control with logic or rational thought, therefore it cannot be understood, predicted, controlled, studied or contained without mutating the health and ease of the gift of its existance within us. Hopefully if we simply regard it with wonder, joy and reverence, it will accompany us throughout our lives.
--EVE Featherstone

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