Saturday, July 21, 2012

Channel, Chief White Cloud, Submit to Caring for Yourself, 7-21-12

As if you didn't already Know in your heart, I will clarify justly your lesson of the last few days. This is Chief White Cloud, Ascended Master and primary guide of Eve Featherstone.

In recognition of unusual resistance to common everyday problems, you have come complete circle in the realization that one must stop . . . evaluate and be a thorough steward of one's vehicles, necessities, and those things which allow you to exist in 3D with success, safety and ease.

Ask yourself:
Am I taking care of myself, my family, my pets, my home, my belongings?

Can I simplify or get rid of anything I don't have the energy to take care of properly?

Am I able to regain presence and love/care for and focus upon the neglected items/plants/animals/people in my life?

What is taking disproportionate precedence over that which is being neglected?

How can I realign my energy, resources, and psychic potential to regenerate, simplify and streamline my everyday life?

Take some time, and get yourself back in round with regards to understanding and perspective in these areas. Keep adjusting until you can say "I AM" to all of these questions, instead of asking "am I?"

Being whole and sovereign with respect to your immediate needs, territory and functioning well in the "business" of everyday life, is necessary, enjoyable and rewarding. It is also very simple and is the solid foundation you need in order to thrive through these exciting changes.

Submit to taking care of yourself and your immediate sphere of existance.

In support and praise,
Chief White Cloud
via EVE Featherstone

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