Monday, August 6, 2012

Channel, The Sacred Mountains, 8-6-12

Aground and above all, we feel you beneath. We sense your vibration, we seek your sweet speech. We draw you in slowly to us it is fast. We caught you abruptly, we invite you to grasp, our messages kept within layers of rock, our message layered with meaning once lost. Our bodies a testiment to that long now since passed, how so important you ignore the lapse, as time has no meaning to us, but for you, the time is now here for a chosen clear few, to ascend our invite, a challenge for some, but for you we will honor a well worn path home. Come to us open and simple and true, come to us often if you want more new clues, to leaving behind that which has been worn out, and enter now swiftly to heights you'll surmount, there is a great parting of ways for your kind, there is a great starting of rituals not mind, there is a great pardon, there is a great shaft, there is a great monolyth for you to have.

The Sacred Mountains
via EVE Featherstone

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