Sunday, August 5, 2012

Poem, The Games That We Play, 8-5-12

The games that we play
Venture all depths at times
Some hurt more deeply
When luck changes sides

Some are played lightly
Some played for keeps
Spoils never stay though
They stray as discreet**

All in an attempt to
Balance the odds
All in an attempt to
Force change or prod

Don't accuse others
We all cheat at times
Only to right our
Own balance and tides.

--EVE Featherstone

A risky or daring journey or undertaking: "pioneering ventures into little-known waters".
Dare to do something or go somewhere that may be dangerous or unpleasant: "she ventured out into the blizzard".

1.Careful and circumspect in one's speech or actions, esp. to avoid causing offense or to gain an advantage.
2.Intentionally unobtrusive.

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