Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Channel, Ascended Masters, YOU are the Solution, 9-19-12

Wipe out for a moment your own visions of who you are, what you look like, and what situation you're in.
Wipe out for a moment what are my options, what is my schedule, what probably will happen.
Wipe out for a second the probable outcomes you've read about, learned and taught.

Allow yourself to ache, tire, and recover from physical reaction to non-physical changes.
Allow yourself to realign with unseen organization.
Allow yourself to experience completion sequencing which follows no known rules.

We are here to to relay these concepts to those of you who are very versed and learned in the spiritual realm. We are here to lift from you the burden of knowing what will happen, what is likely, how things will go. You are in for so many surprises and happy endings to situations you labored with indecision over for some time.

You are in for glorious insight and will with ease, behold the light and its dominence over any and all complications, conundrums, chaos, greed, darkness and torment.

You all can become the solution to anything less than excellent, as you radiate unexpected love, openness and heart chakra perfection to all around you.

You are the solution, and you have all, know all, are all you need to be right now. You have completed the sequences necessary, you've passed the tests, you've got good seats for this. You can literally make your own "blanket forts" and set up shop. You don't require anything but your subconscious in its perfected state.

Relax, enjoy, accept, release, allow.

Love, light, unexpected beauty and trust to you all.

Your Friends,
The Alliance of Ascended Masters
via Eve Featherstone

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