Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Channel Pleiadian Council of Nine, Intelligent Membrane of Support, 9-19-12

Fully interested, fully able, fully in timing and sequence, fully inclined to proceed.

Adapted until now, adapting currently, and adept as a result, you will send unseen vibration, pulses and light configurations of new organization 'round, through, and at anything in your path or range. Your range would surprise you, but this is not our point for this transmission.

Relay the sequences of information and light with your open heart to those connected to you in pureness and joy. Your joy feeds and supports others as they climb to your level. Feel this strength and feel the support given to you from the very structure of creation itself. You are on a membrane of flexible, adaptable, intelligent support,and you attract all you need to make the perfect decision even if it is a series of changing decisions in a short amount of time, it is all perfect, undertood to us as trust and faith, and will in sometimes indirect ways lead you through your intended design of fulfillment.

Rest easy and play hard.
The Pleiadian Council of Nine
via Eve Featherstone

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