Thursday, October 25, 2012

Grief is a Thief

Grief is a thief who does not care
What it is made of or who is laid bare
Of strength to step beyond
To breath without doubt
The heart won't beat steady
The pain won't get out

The breathe and the heartbeat
Can't be counted on
The nerves are on edge
One prays for the dawn

Then what is worth starting
When all comes to an end
The loss of pure motives
And fears aren't pretend

The theft was so sudden
The cause not in sight
Routine is exploded
The sun is too bright
For eyes that are injured
For direction confused
I feel lost and sickened
My soul's harmony bruised

The thief claims innocence
From a distance its petty
From above it is law
Up close though, death injures
Those who felt it and saw

--Eve Featherstone

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