Thursday, November 1, 2012

Prosperity Begins 11-01-12

Yesterday Halloween passed by like a severe storm which missed me. The ability to act on its significance was paralyzed by higher consciousness. I simply wore my most beautiful, floor length black taffeta gown, as if in a formal dinner party wake for the end of death and destruction.

Death is an event blown entirely out of proportion for profit and shock value. In this higher state of consciousness, it is an important portal, but not unlike an expected holiday on our calendars. It approaches and it passes, and then on to the next portal. As of today, I shall never again allow it to suck in as much life force as it has in the past. For today, is the beginning of prosperity and the end of ends.

As of today, we are abundant in new beginnings far larger and out of context than we are accustomed.

The majestic purity and entertaining value of nature's triumph over the mundane matters of commerce and security are obvious. For me, commerce and security don't exist. What replaces them is life's vitality and my trust in change.

To illustrate this trust in change, I casually and randomly offer:

Exhibit A: when one goes to sleep at night, one fully knows and trusts that one will be involved in impossible situations, impossible places, have sex with impossible people or things, possibly be threatened, fall or even die, and will awaken again into at least a base level of security and familiar territory.

Exhibit B: This scenario is an inside out sock, which is turned inside out, right side out, inside out as a matter of lifestyle, and is never ironed, folded or hung in the closet. It is designed to be forever recycled and put to good use, and probably lost in the process, but easily replaced without thinking until the day when one lives in a situation where socks are not necessary for comfort.

People do not fear going to sleep and they do not hesitate to buy socks. They trust in the change inherent therein.

Possibilities and prosperity appear out of context to you now as lovers and impossible situations appear out of nowhere in your dreams.

--EVE Featherstone

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