Saturday, November 3, 2012

Channel Chief White Cloud, Career to Council 11-3-12

Instead of moving in a linear fashion towards your hopes and desired reality, consider instead, this option:

Come to an all stop, until all the waves of movement in your previous direction have stopped. This may make you psychically seasick for awhile, but have faith that you will adjust as the waves all disappear. You will feel isolated, lazy, depressed, afraid. After the waves from your "all stop" subside, change course slowly to the side of your original course, to get out of the way of all others taking this route. Remain anchored here for awhile as you experience the following.

You will feel isolated, because you fear judgement for being lazy or crazy. This in turn depresses you as your mind slips into the past where you realize you are unable to believe and behave as you have in the past, which disconnects you from that which used to make you feel secure. You fear the judgement will disconnect you from others and you project loneliness in your future, as well as others calling you crazy.

Over time, and after much sleeping, if you can manage to stop internally beating yourself up, you will awaken one day into a reality of wellbeing in which you have stopped your mind from zipping back and forth from the past to the future, and you will have much excitement and motivation to capitalize on the good will you have planted in the past.

You will use the harmony which has grown out of the seeds you planted in the past, to connect with others who remain in your sphere, and you will create in your present, the ideal future. You will do this with great purpose and it will be your highest excitement. It is what will replace your career as the means to provide for yourself.

Instead of starting a business, you will start a council, a psychic think-tank, and you will practice refining your thoughts, your every word will be important. You will enjoy learning how what you are interested in, fits together perfectly now to be your new vehicle to move more quickly to that which you agree to want together, as a powerful wheel of magical progress, or manifesting, as you say.

Consider this, dream on this, and allow the possibility of who you most value to be a part of your future in this sacred, intentional way.

Chief White Cloud
Primary Guide of
via EVE Featherstone

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