Friday, January 25, 2013

Channel, Artistic Masters of the Collective Consciousness

As permitted at this time to access Earthly artists, musicians, poets and other creative souls living now (at the time of reading this), we wish to embellish your understanding of expression, discovery and your place in time and space.

The great artists and poets were often tortured souls in life. This is because, only when the tide of abundance, ease, and love subside, can one see what is under the waters of emotion, the veil of reality, and these are the jewels to be harvested. When the tide returns, everything it brings with it is then more fuel for the grateful heart to express it's gratitude and awe. Those who navigate only the water's surface are seen to be happier than your artists with their material status and their strategic maneuvering, but it is you, the emotional "special forces" who go in where it's dangerous and retrieve what humanity is, and what humanity has lost.

It is up to the observer to judge for him or herself if these expressions are treasures or refuse, but the terms are interchangeable for the artist. For he/she doesn't judge the way the rest of humanity judges, and he/she doesn't maneuver through strategy and veils of honor the way the populace does. The artist is raw, open and able to harvest what being human actually is, and how the Divine light and dark highlight or impinge on beauty.

To us this is an infinitesimal point, but for you it is the obvious stumbling block or outright obstacle to pure and authentic art and expression. This point is VALUE. For no one on Earth suffers by feeling valueless as the artist does, even being labeled "starving artist". The populous thinks of fashionable, social and wealthy artists as different from the starving artist. Why is this? Why the distinction?

Authentic art happens because of no attachment to money or marketability. Popular art is seen more often because of money. Obscure art is seen by few because of money. Those unconcerned with money or marketing are creating and it goes unseen, or is purposefully ignored because of money.

Art conceived from inspiration feels to the artist as the love of Jesus feels to the devout, however it doesn't always resemble the agreed upon reality of most on Earth. It is the surprising art, art that we cannot get away from, art that speaks to us long after we see it. This is the art of value (not monetary) from our perspective.

If art can transfer a realization, or ignite a realization, then it has done its divine purpose.

An open heart and mind can conceive of ideas that feel like the rapture, or an immaculate conception. Sometimes the heart and mind is only open when it has exhausted attempts by itself for answers, and waits in the void for answers, as long as it takes. Uninspired actions are the enemy of true inspiration.

Those who buy art, and those who don't, are an even BIGGER problem for the artists living now. There are the people buy art for tasteful items to bring them approval and praise from those who see it as prestigious or as a compatible item to their other tasteful furnishings. Bourgeois is the term.

There are those, who without thinking, buy what they love from the artist because they love the piece.

There are very few people in between these two types of buyers, and that is because of a block in communication. This blocks the love and passion of the buyer from the artist because of MONEY. People who want art, are too ashamed to ask how much the piece is or to make an offer. They assume the piece is more than they have, or are willing to pay. They don't want to get in an uncomfortable space with the artist.

It is important to always make an offer on something you like, because if you are a vibrational match to the artist, he/she may actually WANT you to own it, as it is often important for the artist to imagine their work with those who are a match to the art. The artist loves the reality of someone else loving one of their pieces. This is THE WHOLE POINT.

If you want a piece of art, tell the artist "I would like to buy one of your pieces, if we can agree on a price."

Assigning monetary value to art is irrational from the perspective of the collective. For in essence, the only thing of value in a human life is self realization, the true heart felt feeling of beauty in unexpected places, and the ability to access this beauty at will. As you change, so does what you want around you, and so art IS meant to circulate to where its message is needed and appropriate.

Artists from our perspective are not meant to be marketers, shopkeepers or traders. They are meant to stay away from these things, for these things are not real.

Artists: Allow Divine Value to Yourselves

Pick one or more of the following and act:

Artists melt in acceptance and with gratitude that you are privy to this beauty, this meaning, the ecstasy of creating and expressing that which only comes to the light in the action of you expressing it.

Artists: Revel in the Joy and Health of Expression

Remove the darkness of money and the darkness of having to become someone you are not.

Be yourself, be creative, act on your realizations every time from small to big picture, act on your heart by expressing.

Write, Paint, Craft, Invent, Draw, Doodle, Learn, Adapt, Express the Changes in Yourself, Express the Uniqueness, Express the dark, Express the dark and transform it to light.

Explore your own heart by expressing. When you see it in front of yourself, you will not be ashamed. You will be surprised and proud.

Do this in private as you meditate, or do this in groups as you meditate in groups. Do this.

--Artistic Masters of the Collective Consciousness
practical application supplied by Eve Featherstone

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