Friday, January 25, 2013

Channel Essassani Collective to Eve Featherstone

I asked my guides this evening "why I have been so hungry and eating so strangely?"
I didn't specify a particular guide, only that the guide(s) were from the light and love.
Here is the answer:

It is without reason. You are supposedly full and hungry at the same time. Although we do not fully understand the nutritional needs of your species, we acknowledge your body’s intelligence, which is something you may want to try. Do not criticize yourself for eating, especially in the climate of extreme introspection and self-realization of late. You yourself have stated that you are now prolific again, and have had many rushes of direct inspiration just today.
Plus, you are accessing the 'Akashic records' as you call them. It is not to go back in time, but to allow you to better understand your whole self. This all will formulate an answer as to why you have always felt like you were climbing out of a deficit of status and abundance. You are used to more, and we felt it necessary for you to realize your greatness, depth and breadth of knowledge. Spiritual is an understatement as you might say in your language. Fertility of the heart is a gift beyond measure. Fertility of the Heart. What does this mean to you?
You educate yourself now so as to prepare a basis for your new realizations. Focus as you have been, and relish your monastic lifestyle. The rain is a gift in this state, and you may do well to eat as you desire. This physical state will pass and you will return to a more recognizable diet, albeit different than before. Welcome it, dear one.
Good day,
The Essassani Collective
To Eve Featherstone

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