Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Channel, Galactic Federation of Light to Eve

I sat down to channel an answer to a lingering feeling of dread which has been bothering me. I haven't been writing as much, I haven't been painting as much, I don't have any brilliant big projects on deck nor even in mind. So I asked whomever could answer this, and here is the answer. -EVE Featherstone

Firstly, your boredom is not boredom, it is default energy. It is default energy to not have anything pressing to do. This does not fall in line with what you've been taught, but we have untaught you much of the misinformation you've taken on as baggage and damaging judgement.

You feel as if you are in neutral, implying neutral isn't ideal. You needn't always be productive. You needn't always be striving for something. You may, at will be satisfied. You may at will decide to allow yourself to be satisfied without anyone judging you. Try this for awhile. Allow any little thing that pops into your mind as doing nothing to be thought of as a viable activity.

Lie in the sun as a perfect creation. Live within your nest as you meant to do. Coast for awhile, dear one. Simply relax all the resistant tendencies to this concept one by one as they arise and from there you will own success. From there, you will own yourself. You are no longer owned by anyone, and you contribute as much as you are required to contribute, for indeed, you can view yourself as cherished.

Remember, one thought at a time, one resistant reflex at a time, dismiss, and allow more acceptance. Dismiss and allow even more acceptance. Relax into this slowly as you are able, but do not persist in judging yourself or having anxiety about what it is you will DO NEXT. Just be as if there is no next. Just be.

Galactic Federation of Light
via Eve Featherstone

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