Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Channel, Orion Essassani Collective, 1-8-13

And so it is as you thought. A dream within a dream within a dream to infinity.

As you awaken now more quickly than ever, you have suspected ascension would resemble waking from a dream at which point you would realize you had been dreaming this Earthly reality. True, however, it is this in infinite multiples as you ascend tiny stairs to higher vibrations and new realities. You have a change of cast members as you go, and the cast members roles change, and their very characters change as well.

As you step ever so slightly each day through each decision, each preference using "how you feel" as a golden rule, you are ascending tiny steps each time. Changing the formatting of your preferred reality by being decisive, not allowing yourself to act out of duty, allowing yourself to have the luxury of choosing your preferences. Be decisive, have no doubt and repeat.

Eventually, there are no open portals for that which you do not prefer to enter your bubble of reality. You may consciously choose to close more and more 3D portals, close more 3D interface points so as to rid your mind of having to make decisions whether or not to allow these. (much like you label things spam, so they go directly in a rejected folder without you having to do it yourself)

Your careful gardening of your new landscape will yield quick results. After this cycle repeats enough times, you will view your not so distant past as 'only a dream'. It will be difficult for you to believe you ever lived this way, difficult to believe you were ever content in these situations.

Whenever you catch yourself wanting what you had, stop and ask 'would this even be possible now anyway?' Chances are it would not even be a possibility now. You are simply accessing a once comfortable situation which the set has been torn down and, sold and recycled. Think of it as another life. 'In this life I . . . " not 'I wish I could still have this.' The set where this scene was shot was set up for that scene. It doesn't exist now. Even if you were to have a 'remake', it wouldn't stand up to your romanticized memory of it.

Now then, to recap, simply understand that you are writing the software of your new reality each day by choosing a or b, 1 or 2, etc. After these sequences have repeated and created patterns or programs, without you doing anything, you will be living in a new reality. Fully allow yourself to be a different person who did not have the same histories, and fully allow yourself to be someone completely different than you imagined you were.

There is and will always be different people looking out your same two eyes at the world. Most importantly, when you look at yourself in the mirror and do not like what you see, ask "who is this looking through my eyes, is it really me?" Chances are, it is a being from the Astral plane, or a neuropathway in your brain, created by a judgmental acquaintance who replicated their programming in your brain. It is like a computer virus. Delete it, and go about your business.

Collective of the Essassani
via Eve Featherstone
(reference Orion)

A dream within a dream within a dream to infinity. -Eve is One

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